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  • AAPEX has finally started!

    If you haven’t noticed, we like to make a BIG deal of APPEX around here. It is a huge show for anyone in the automotive aftermarket industry. Because this is an important event for us, we will be taking lots of pics and sharing them with all of you!

  • New Packaging Award at AAPEX 2013

    We are very thrilled to share this with all of you and we feel very honored to have won the “New Packaging” category at AAPEX 2013!!!


    It is here, it has finally arrived; SCRUBBLADE’s new website! This has been a long time coming and we have worked feverishly to design a site that is innovative and appealing to all of our customers…

  • "Love it" Testimonials

    We love hearing from our customers, especially their experiences with SCRUBBLADE. Here are a few testimonials that we have received throughout the years…

  • AAPEX and SEMA Just Around the Corner!

    With AAPEX and SEMA just around the corner, we have recently began reviewing the last year to see what major accomplishments SCRUBBLADE has tackled since the last AAPEX show. We have experienced tremendous growth as a company and we continue to grow with new opportunities that come up every day. One of the largest accomplishments of this year is the launch of our highly anticipated PLATINUM line of wiper blades.