Clean It

Scrubblade Wiper Tablets

Give your wiper fluid an extra cleansing boost. Save up to 75% per gallon of wiper fluid purchased.

Scrubb It

Scrubblade wiper line

Scrubblade Wiper Line

Innovative, triangular scrubbers cut through debris. Ready to eliminate bug splatter, annihilate bird poop, obliterate dirt and liquidate ice and snow.

Prevent It


Scrubblade Windshield Clarity Products

With all the gunk that gets stuck on your windshield, and moisture that gets trapped in your car Scrubblade has a solution for it so you can see clearly.

Scrubblade Products

Rain. Snow. Bugs. Dirt and debris. No matter what the road throws at you, SCRUBBLADE keeps your view clear mile after mile.

The secret to SCRUBBLADE’s cleansing power lies in our passion for driving safety and innovation. Featuring our industry leading, double blade design with Scrubber technology, SCRUBBLADE gives you an excellent all-weather wiper blade that not only wipes but also scrubs simultaneously. This gives you a clean like no other blade. In fact, it’s tested 10 out of 10 with Akron Rubber, giving you the highest quality wiper blade available.

Whether taking a road trip, commuting to work or just driving around town, try SCRUBBLADE and see for yourself what you’ve been missing. And enjoy the journey, wherever the road may take you.


Scrubblade Premium Wiper Blades

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