The Only Wiper Blade that Scrubbs! Find Your Fit Today!

By Billy Westbrook


    • Why you built it


    In my automotive career, I have built and have been a part of an assortment of different platforms. The one platform I never tried building was something old or classic. Old Toyota trucks are something I respect and have always appreciated. Which is why I chose to build a 1980 Toyota pickup!


    • What it means to you


    I enjoy the old school feel of driving around classic vehicles. It's unbeatable, the idea that you are keeping something alive is so rewarding. It's also about the experiences, memories, and likeminded people you meet along the journey.


    • A memorable place your vehicles taken you.


    The one memorable place my pickup has taken me, was high up in the Mountains of GreenWater, WA to a lookout spot where one of the first dates my significant other and I had when we first met. 5 years later we went to the same lookout, and I proposed to my Fiance.




    • Products/Parts Used


    Tires: Brand, Model, Size

    • Goodyear Wrangler MTR 33x12.5r15


    Wheels: Brand, Model, Size

    • Wheel Vintiques 62’s 15x10


    Powertrain and Under the Hood Performance

    • 22R
    • Weber 32/36 Carb
    • LCE Headers



    • Original L43 4spd Transmission
    • Original Axles
    • Original Transfer Case


    Suspension, Brakes

    • Original Leafs and Shocks
    • Original Brakes


    Armor, Bumpers, Sliders

    • Smittybilt Tube Front Bumper


    • Smittybilt Tube Rear Bumper


     Exterior Mods

    • Vintage SnugTop Camper


     Recovery Gear

    • ARB Tow Rope






    Why you chose Scrubblade to be part of your lifestyle you are obviously so passionate about


    As an individual, I am very big on “Support the ones who Support you.” Scrubblade has always been a consistent and important aspect of my social media. I also appreciate the quality and performance of Scrubblade products. Living in Washington where there's more Rain than sunshine, Scrubblade is the only option to keep your driving vision clear and safe.