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By Billy Westbrook

Back To Rebelle Rally We Go!

Welcome Back 2022 Rebelle Partners
We are pleased to welcome back our incredible partners to the 2022 Rebelle Rally. From the products they create to withstand our ultimate proving ground to the teams behind the brands, our partners' support has been an essential component of the Rebelle Rally since day one.

Read on to see how Scrubblade supports the Rebelle - and how their products are key components to the rally.

For 2022, Scrubblade  will not only be on hand at Tech Inspection to personally install competitor wiper blades, they're also launching their own contingency program which includes a donation to the winners' chosen non-profit. Scrubblade in partnership with Rebelle will have a windshield washing station set up along the course to give the competitors every advantage to see where the journey will take them. And for Rebelle staff and safety crew, Scrubblade means having debris-free and particle-free windshields throughout the entire competition.
Scrubblade is the only wiper blade designed to cut through more than just water. Using a patented two-part cleaning system, the innovation comes from the leading blade, containing hundreds of raised triangular scrubbers designed to cut through debris for a cleaner, particle-free windshield. The inside smooth blades act as your traditional squeegee, removing water and any remaining debris.