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Don’t settle for a substandard wiper. Covering over 99% of vehicles, our innovative SCRUBBLADE wipers are built for your driving needs. Let us help you find yours today.

Heavy Duty Series

Fast and easy to install, the Original SCRUBBLADE is superior to even the finest conventional wiper blades. It boasts a sturdy steel frame construction and fits about 80% of all vehicles. Nano coating and our scrubbing design deliver a clean wipe like no other blade.

HD Blade

Platinum Series

With all the scrubbing power of the standard SCRUBBLADE, Platinum features a beam style rubber covered frame for optimum performance during ice and snow buildups, a low profile to prevent wind lift, nano graphite coating for quieter, smoother wipes and additional adaptors to cover over 99% of all vehicles on the road.

Platinum blade